Article Number: PRJA65801986

Vol. 1 Issue 4, pp: (79-91), July 2016.
Article Number: PRJA65801986
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Assessment of Irrigation Performance Using Remote Sensing Technique at Tono irrigation Area in the Upper East Region of Ghana

Jerry Asaana1 and Adams Sadick2*

1Bolgatanga Polytechnic, Bolgatanga, Ghana.

2Department of Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy, Soil Research Institute, Kumasi, Ghana.

*Corresponding author. E-mail:

 Received: February 25, 2016  Accepted: June 14, 2016  Published: July 2, 2016


A research was conducted at Tono irrigation system in the Upper East Region of Ghana to evaluate the irrigation performance of the system based on some selected indicators with the help of GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques. The indicators, namely Overall Consumed Ratio (OCR), Relative Water Supply (RWS), Relative Evapotranspiration (RET), Depleted Fraction (DF) and Crop Water Deficit (CWD) were used at 3 command areas, Bonia, Korania and Chuchuliga. Potential evapotranspiration and actual evapotranspiration were estimated with Penman Monteith method and Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) using Aster Satellite image, respectively. The seasonal average values of the irrigation performance indicators showed that water delivery system at Tono irrigation project based on the selected command areas is poor. Assessment of the irrigation performance of the other command areas is highly recommended.

Key words: Irrigation Performance, Remote Sensing, Aster Image, Evapotranspiration.