Waiver Policy

Waiver Policy 
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Prudent Journals offers waivers and discounts to authors from Low Income Countries (up to 75% waiver. See World Bank list of Low Income Countries.) and authors from Lower Middle Income Countries (up to 40% waiver. See World Bank list of Low Middle Income Countries).

To ensure that editorial decisions are never influenced by an author’s ability to pay article publication charges (APCs), all editors of prudent journals are not involved in correspondence with authors regarding payment of article publication charges (APCs). The waiver policy is managed by administrative staff not involved in decisions regarding article acceptance.

Request for a waiver must be sent to the Accounts unit same day a manuscript is submitted.

Please send your waiver application to: accounts@prudentjournals.com.


Format of Waiver Application letter

  • Author(s) requesting for a waiver must strongly demonstrate why their waiver applications should be granted.
  • Request for a waiver must be sent same day a manuscript is submitted.
  • Waiver request should contain the following information
          – Manuscript number
          – Manuscript title
          – Corresponding Author Affiliation and Country
          – List co-author(s) Affiliation(s) and Country
          – Reason for requesting a waiver


Prudent Journals reserve the right to approve or reject a waiver application. Waiver decision will be communicated to the corresponding author within two weeks after the application is received.